Short Cuts: Philosophy / Animal Intelligence
Short Cuts: Philosophy / The Dangers of Close-Mindedness
Short Cuts: Philosophy / The Teletransporter Paradox
Short Cuts: Philosophy / Nozicks Experience Machine
Short Cuts: Philosophy / Possibilities of Cloning
Short Cuts: Philosophy / Modern Warfare
Short Cuts: Philosophy / The Uncanny Response
Short Cuts: Philosophy / An Infinite Regress
Short Cuts: Philosophy / The Panopticon
Short Cuts: Philosophy / The Flynn Effect
Short Cuts: Philosophy / The Grandfather Paradox

Short Cuts: Philosophy

Client: UniPress Books
Completed: 2022
Published: July 2023 by Icon Books

Short Cuts: Navigate Your Way Through Big Ideas is a series of books from UniPress Books that provides readers with a gateway to exploring complex and challenging concepts. Each book in the series contains 50 questions, each with a concise answer written by an expert in the field. The answers are accompanied by full-page illustrations that help to make the concepts more accessible and memorable.

I had the pleasure of contributing to one of the first books in the series – Short Cuts: Philosophy. For this project, I created 50 illustrations that explore a wide range of philosophical topics, from metaphysics to AI intelligence. These illustrations effectively convey ideas in a concise and thought-provoking manner through the use of symbols.

The book was printed in three solid colors: blue, yellow, and pink. Shadows are created by the use of overprints and opacities, resulting in a visually striking and conceptually rich aesthetic.

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