About me

Robert Fiszer - illustration by Robert Fiszer

I'm a web designer and illustrator in London working on UK and overseas design projects.

With a background in marketing in ToruĊ„, Poland where I'm from, I developed my skills as a graphic designer and artist with a focus on drawing and painting. Having established a marketing and branding company back home, I moved to London to work as a graphic designer. For the last ten years I have been freelancing successfully in the UK as an illustrator as well as a creative digital designer.

As the web has rapidly developed over this decade, so have my skills. I have stayed at the forefront of the latest advancements in web technology and illustrator tools, providing clients with services attuned to the current functionality while utilising the most creative software at hand.

As a freelancer I work with individuals, start-ups, established companies and creative agencies. If there is a project requiring a quick thinking, adaptable, talented digital designer and illustrator, I'm a perfect fit.

Driven and self-motivated, I work effectively from the Greenhouse, a co-working space in north London. But I can also freelance as part of a team at your workplace if a project dictates this approach.

Creativity is at the heart of all I do, at work and at home. I love music; my workplace is always filled with tunes. When my hands are freed from the keyboard and tablet, they are often wrapped around a clarinet or stroking piano keys, and to keep the lateral thinking fine-tuned, I take on strategy board games with friends.

I'm always seeking new, exciting projects and interesting clients to work with. Please get in touch if you have one or are one. It would be great to chat.