my name is Robert Fiszer.
I'm a London-based freelance web designer and illustrator with 14 years of experience in visual communication.


I started a graphic design company in 1999 in my hometown, during my undergraduate course in marketing at the local university. After two years I moved to London and worked as a graphic designer for a sign company in Hoxton until 2005. Then I decided to go freelance, and the next step was to get into the world of web design. I designed my first professional website in 2007. Since then I have constantly learnt and improved my skills. I create beautiful bespoke websites using HTML, CSS and Java Script technologies. I can develop company identity and design any to-be-printed product. I also produce traditional and digital illustrations which can be used on your website as well as on your merchandise.



I always search for new, challenging and exciting projects, so do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

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